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1 – introduction

hi, I’m shelly.

nice to meet you!

I’m a freelance graphic- and webdesigner since 2015, creating digital solutions for people and businesses. my superpowers are minimalistic, clean and timeless designs. what are your superpowers?

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2 – what I can do for you

webdesign &

digital marketing

digital activity is becoming more and more important – especially for businesses. I create unique webdesign solutions for you and your target audience to improve your digital reach and range.

corporate design &


your customers should recognize you, thus good branding and an outstanding corporate design are essential. consistency is key. let’s make sure your business communication is appealing to you and your target audience, shall we?

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3 – what I have done for others


check out my dribbble

3 – what I have done for others


here you can see a selected number of projects that I have created in the past. if you’d like to see more references, please let me know! in the meantime you can also check out my dribbble profile. there’s not much on there at the moment but I’m constantly uploading so just leave a follow to make sure you ain’t missing out!

check out my dribbble

4 – FAQ

any questions?

you probably have a lot of questions left when it comes to working with a graphic designer. here I’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked throughout my career as a graphic- and webdesigner.

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what kind of services do you provide?2021-11-05T12:08:51+01:00

I provide logo design, brand identity, webdesign and programming, product design as well as printing products such as business cards, flyers, posters, banners, stickers, calendars and more. basically anything you can print – you name it, you got it!

what does the project process involve?2021-11-05T12:24:22+01:00

every project evolves differently, but there’s a couple steps that are essential for great results. everything starts with a conversation about you, your vision, your goals and your needs. after clearing the air on those and signing the proposal, we discuss the strategy and plan the process together. I start creating your requested product and get back to you. the process will be a constant dialogue between you and me to make sure you’ll have the opportunity to send feedback at any time! after the fine-tuning, I’ll provide you with the final packaged files and the purchased licenses.

how much does a logo cost? a website? is there a price list?2021-11-05T13:04:56+01:00

I know you’re not going to like this answer if you’re looking for a number, but due to the unique nature of a project, I cannot tell you the exact price without any further information. do you need a package deal for a digital invasion on all social media platforms, including a website and a style guide or do you just need your current logo in a different color? so let’s just talk!

I have a website already, can you add content and edit the layout?2021-11-05T12:51:48+01:00

yes, I can either work with your current system and optimize the content to your liking or modernize your current system and work on a more sustainable solution if needed.

how long does a project take?2021-11-05T12:58:42+01:00

usually a project takes 3 weeks from start to finish. some projects can take months depending on the amount of requested products. it also depends on how fast you are with giving me feedback. however, since we’ll be in a constant dialogue, I will inform you about the process at all times and make sure you’ll be aware of the future steps.

what do I need to start a project with you?2021-11-05T13:02:59+01:00

just contact me! you don’t need anything to ask for a collab other than sending me a request email. if you need a website, I can help you register the domain and host a webserver before I create the webdesign.

if I don’t like the result, can I refund my order?2021-11-05T13:10:46+01:00

refunding an order and stepping out of a signed proposal is not possible. the details will be discussed together and I’m going to make sure, you’ll be aware of the terms and conditions. if you happen to be unhappy with my work, we can talk about it and sort out any miscommunication. this case has luckily never occured because design is a process itself and won’t be finished until we’ve found an optimal solution for you and your target audience!

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5 – contact

let’s talk!

the best way to communicate is still a simple conversation – so let’s just do it and talk! feel free to send me an email, a message on whatsapp or call me right away. I got you!

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